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As Ola said it's impossible to be 100% neutral, but the problem is clearly elsewhere when you read the test. Sorry for having this opinion and I know this may start an argument with some Boardseekers readers, but after reading the test thoroughly I found it completely ridiculous. They already had a problem with the Evil Twin last year. Being an owner of one and knowing my board well I just didn't understand why they faulted the board in the categories they did, since by my experience I had quite an opposite feeling. I remember they called the board "unpredictable in turns", which is wrong to me. But fair enough, maybe they're just so much better than me and can feel things I can't , I told myself then. There are quite a few things I can say to criticize the ET, but being unpredictable is not one of them.

Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a StarQuad, and it's by far one of the very best waveboards I have ever owned for wavesailing. And I have had MANY. So when I read that the 76 used with the fin set of the 81 doesn't turn well in the bottom turn with the quad option, but is better when you switch to the single fin, I think something is really weird. When I read further down that switching to the original fin set of the 76, the board now spinouts on a straight line, I realize that I am reading some heavy bullshit. For real. If you haven't tried a Starquad yet do yourself a favor, try one, and see why this sounds so wrong in every possible way.
The graphics on their page is good, the layout well made, with great photographs, and the sailors on the pics surely know how to sail. But as of the content of the test... it's probably the worse test I have read about a board I own and know. I have owned some boards who got or didn't get good test in the past, and sometimes agreed with them, sometime disagreed. But this spinout in a straight line Quad board test is definitely the biggest lie/nonsense I have ever read in a waveboard test , like ever.

BUT they mention there is still the possibility of a faulty board from the factory, with misaligned fin boxes.
Right. It surely doesn't seem that way on the pics at all, but who knows ?
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