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Hi Kiwiben,
I think what you will find most interesting (and perhaps frustrating) is that on the Hypersonics, you need to learn to manage your fore and aft positioning much more carefully than on your Carve or any board that's longer and has a bit longer volume distribution.
I'm sure you can sail the Hyper 111 in windspeeds that you probably cannot waterstart in, once you learn the very delicate fore and aft weight positioning.
Move forward one inch and the nose sinks.... quickly! Move back an extra inch, and the tail begins to sink (also pretty rapidly).
Side to side (athwartships) weight distribution is not nearly so critical on the Hypersonics as it was on longer narrower slalom and race boards from the early and mid 1990's.
Since I'm a "guru" (someone else's term, not mine) and I have worked with Starboard in the USA and around the world since 1998, I get a few boards each year to put in a demo fleet and take around the USA for local sailors to try out.
Back in the day, I absolutely loved the Hypersonics, and since I was a little lighter in weight then (2004) I was given all 3 for the demo fleet. I did not own them, they belonged to the distributor, and were returned in near new condition at the end of the year.
I did keep the Hyper 96 and still have it as it's a classic board and it's still one of my favorites when the conditons are right for it.
Go for it, you will either fall in love with the Hyper 111, or you will learn to dislike it very quickly.
Yes, once you are up and sailing, all 3 boards ride pretty much the same, but the ability to uphaul big sails extends the range into the lighter wind arena.
Hope this helps,
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