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I agree with Viking. I can well imagine that small manufacturing errors for example in the toe in with twin and quad boards can have great effect on performance. What if the quality control at Cobra isn't good enough? Then there will be a lot of windsurfers that are stuck with a board that does not work as intended, and I am sure it will be difficult to get these kinds of boards replaced...

I think it is good that the boardseeker crew write what they find, and not just give Starboard a rave revue because it is big manufacturer, a big advertiser, and because other testers have written a good revue.

I think this is about honesty, and I am very surprised that some of the contributors to this thread demand that boardseeker make a particular board a testwinner regardless of the test team's findings.

Isn't that exactly what has happened to the tests in Boards and Windsurf? Luckily there is still Surf Magazine for those that read german :-)
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