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Hi Hervé,

sorry for the English, but I have a Is-111 2008 and I am 70Kg so I thought to reply.

For my 7.3 I just bought a Talon 40 that works great with the Is-111: huge performance difference in respect to the Drake, quite unexpected.

I plan to use it with my new 8.0, although it might be a bit small (Christine's suggestion of a 42 sounds better), and it is a bit too large for a 6.6.

I used a 6.0 with the Is-111 and it works to go around, but it is too small for the board if you get into powered up conditions, when it is easier to use a larger sail.

Suggestion? Get a Talon 42 for your 8.0 and have fun cutting down your Drake 38 to 36 cm.

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