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HS 111 with fully cambered race sail in larger size, rider 70 kg dry still floats at rest but not that much freeboard and fore aft trim is critical when things are slow.

Can confirm it's acceleration so you have to be quick to get into the straps. Have tried all combination of strap positions and settled on back and out as actually the quickest way to get into when stepping back as the board accelerates away and comfortable for blasting.

Each run is like a sprint rather than a cruise so a good work out assured. Responds to efficient gybing technique but still can be stuffed through turns on its tail if need be. By efficient I mean right weight positions and transfers and well coordinated sail movements.

After a while the short nose seems normal - mast track trim appears sensitive to unsticking the board and higher wind control. Is most intuitive when using full cambered sails v freerace sails where the positioning is more sail brand dependent. So there you have a critical consideration - it likes cambered sails but will tolerate other kinds too.

Great board if you want to invest the time. Downside is having done that there is nothing out there as a direct replacement although something like the iSonic 101 seems the best.

Would I buy a HS again. Definitely, but second time around it would be sub 100 litre .
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