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eric b 125
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roger, thats pretty interesting. i didnt even think about how the two bolt would restrict adjustment. i actually already ordered the two bolt, before i read your response. i read that at my skill level i should probably just keep the sail at the recommended position on my futura 144, at least until i get some techniques down.
also, after hearing the good, bad, and ugly about the deviator i went ahead and bought one, and a two bolt was also recommended for that. whether i'm going to use the deviator or not is something i'm still debating. i wanted some sort of nose protection but i didnt want to have a cracked nose that couldnt be seen b/c of a nose guard. someone told me that i should either hold onto the sail, or let go of it (cant remember which one) when getting launched, to prevent the impact to the nose of the board...?
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