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My take on this is that you will not plane in 7 or 8 knots with either combination -

iS 150 with a 9.7
LWR with a 9.7

In 9 - 10 knots and good pumping, you may plane on both boards. The only way to plane in under 9 knots is with a formula board and 11-12 meter sail for someone weighing 88kg.

I weight 78 kg and have an 11.0 on a formula 160. A steady 9-10 knots and I can get going without too much pumping. Under 9 knots, it's a struggle, any holes and I come off plane quickly.

All of the above assumes you sail in fresh water. Salt makes it a little easier.

In the range of 6-10 knots, there are lots of variables that impact planing or not planing - Actual wind speed; water state / chop; fin; board; sail size; rigging / tuning; mast; boom; pumping skill; experience. The point is - it's not an exact science and all we can do is make estimates (guesses) based upon available information.

Hope this helps.
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