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I've been able to give the Quad 86 several spins now and as a guy of similar weight, I hope you will find my opinion of value.

I've had the Quad 86 out in winds from upper teens to lower thirties using 5.6 and 5.0 sails (I'm waiting for a 6.4 sail day to check its ultimate light wind performance). What I can say is that the board carries quite well in the lighter winds. In zero wind, the tail of the board is a bit sinky, but any slight forward motion trims the board out well. Schlogging in non-planing winds is quite easy, the tail never seems to break away from you and planes up impressively fast on the first gust. I find the manuevering in moderate powered conditions to be right on. The board responses quickly and tightly with moderate foot pressure and the top cutbacks are really slashy. I have never sailed such a big board that had such a tight turning ability. I've been able to front-side wave sail on side-on shore conditions. On the opposite end, overpowered 5.0 conditions is the limit for me. The board is a surprisingly fast board when juiced and I have had need to dump the sail of all its power before tackling a wave section. Generally I find the board likes to be underpowered to powered, which is fine for east coast US wave sailing, which typically has slower waves and light winds near shore.

I hope this helps in your decision.
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