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This is not rocket science folks... Okay maybe it is... but I am sorry to report that it cannot help us because there is no turbulence around a windsurfing fin.

Actually I just made that up... but I think the stuff in the article is concerned with "gross turbulence" caused by a fairly inefficient shape... not the micro, nay, nano-turbulence you could imagine goes on at the surface of a fin when some nerd has devoted his/her life to eliminating every last shred of turbulence from it.

But at the risk of being a dream stealer, could you imagine little tiny water pipes firing little nano-jets of water out of the leading edge of the fin? I suppose it is possible but I think the fin would cost about twenty grand... but then again, as they say: If you build it, they will come!

However, there is another way of adding turbulence, the so-called shark-skin effect (so called by me just then)... Sharks have rough skin, and scientists discovered to their amazement that shark skin generates less turbulence (or maybe that should be drag or friction)) than the smooth skin of, say, a dolphin. Their theory was the little nano turbulences created by the tiny roughnesses meant the actual water could never properly "Grip" the surface to get any major turbulence resonating. I think Dennis Connor gave his Americas Cup yacht a rough hull once going on this concept. I wonder if any W/S designers have explored a roughened bottom surface. If they did, it didn't seem to catch on...

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