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Default Kombat, S-type or Carve as high wind board

At the moment I'm the proud owner of a Hypersonic 111 (2005 mod) and a sail quiver ranging from 5,5 to 9 m2, although with the 5.5 sail, the board is a bit of a handful, especially in choppy conditions. I normally sail in a busy shipping lane where waves can reach 1.5 meter. The trouble is that the waves are reflected by different islands nearby and combined with heavy boat traffic, the waves can be a real challenge. Instead of pushing max speed, I find myself in survival modus more often than not.

Enter the ?high wind board?. Going through the new range, I find that Combat, S-type or Carve could work. (EVO is not included, I?m sceptical to a pure wave board unless convinced otherwise). My assessment goes:

S-type 93: I have tried the 2006 104 litre and I found it extremely quick and easy to handle in choppy conditions. I guess the 93 will feel similar. However, in the winds I plan to use this board, the focus will be on manoeuvres and jumping, and I do not see this board as ideal for this.

Carve 101: Only tried bigger versions. On the paper, the Carve looks like an good match, but at 101 liters and 62.5 cm it is a bit big.

Kombat 87/97: Windsurf Magazine suggested in a test last year that the 87 liter would be the best option for light to medium weight sailors. With my 80 kg I guess I?m in the middle between medium and heavy. Don?t like the US fin box though.

I?m comfortable with jibes, heli-tacks, easy jumps, sailing clew first, back winded, etc.

I would appreciate any suggestions to which board I should select.

best regards
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