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Default Light wind slalom board for heavy weight


I've been considering stepping out of formula windsurfing because of several reasons, main ones being I prefer slalom and formula is becoming too expensive (+ i have some good offers on new 2009 slalom boards).

That said, I'd like to get some inputs about following questions (maybe Remi can help)?

As my light wind board, shall I go for Isonic 144 or 150? What are differences in early planning between these boards? and max wind? How do they handle chop? Will I loose a lot in early planning compared to formula (have been racing using the 162 formula board).

Weight: 100kg
max sail size: 9.9m RamF9
Wind conditions: 7-15knots (mostly around between 7 and 11)
salty water
next board down is a Isonic 122
I won't be competing, just recreational slalom sailing

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