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Dear Roger and Ola,

thank you very much for your quick reply. Hopefully this is the solution to my "footstrap screw pullout" problem I have with my Evo 2008.

Okay, possibly I handled the screws with too much care. As you advised I just screwed. Overall it worked! But three more things:
1. I think I have a fitting screwdriver but I damaged one of the screws. I am trying to get one new from my dealer.
2. Ola: you mentioned a supplied screwdriver. I don't have one, neither from my 2008 Evo nor from my Quad.
3. While screwing I heard something like a crunch. Then I saw that some material went off on the transition between the screw hole and the hole for the antitwist plug. Do you think that I can run into problems with that, e.g. waterproof. Should I fix it with epoxy?

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