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Originally Posted by axel.gern View Post
Dear Roger and Ola,

thank you very much for your quick reply. Hopefully this is the solution to my "footstrap screw pullout" problem I have with my Evo 2008.

Okay, possibly I handled the screws with too much care. As you advised I just screwed. Overall it worked! But three more things:
1. I think I have a fitting screwdriver but I damaged one of the screws. I am trying to get one new from my dealer.
2. Ola: you mentioned a supplied screwdriver. I don't have one, neither from my 2008 Evo nor from my Quad.
3. While screwing I heard something like a crunch. Then I saw that some material went off on the transition between the screw hole and the hole for the antitwist plug. Do you think that I can run into problems with that, e.g. waterproof. Should I fix it with epoxy?

Roger already answered, but like he said, Just use a high quality PH 3 bit that you can feel fit really well in the screws. The plugs contain both the actual screw holes and the hole for the anti twins device, so some chipping in between will not let water inside.
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