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Default Choice between Futura 93 or Kode 94

I believe that I own too many boards and want to reduce my quiver to 3.
The largest board that I have is a Futura 122 which I intend to keep. The two middle boards are S-Type 104 and 90L F2-Max2Air. The smallest one I have is 75L Exocet wave. My type of riding is generally free riding choppy waters but not much experience with wave riding. Also I enjoy occasional jump here and there but far from looping.
My plan is to sell the two mid boards and get the replacement in the size around 90+ which should fit well between 122 and 75. Based on my research, I found that Ftura 93 and Kode 94 are very close boards and I am not decided which one would suit me better.
I would appreciate any feedback with helpful hints.
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