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Thank you "agrelon" and Allan for you valuable input. After reading about your experiences and also experience by former owner of "agrelon's" F93 I am more inclined toward F93 rather than K94. Besides, the F93 fin box is Tuttle and I will have couple of True Aims weed fins from my S-Type 104 that would fit this box after I sell this board. With K94 I would have to shop for the new fins.
Manuvribility is not really that important to me as I do not intend to do free style tricks or true wave sailing.
I think that the Futura 93 it is. I will buy it as soon as I sell my S-Type 104 which should be not a problem as it is in immaculate shape.
Allan, since you have F93 between the 122 and 75 (same as mine F122 and Exocet 75) , would you say that the choice of the size of 93L board is right?
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