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Default Light wind boards

was reading a test published end of last year where they compared several boards in light winds. They basically tested a Formula Board, the Serenity, 145l Freeride board (in light weight construction) and 79cm wide slalom board.

Main outcomes(excl. Serentiy which is of course the light wind machine) are that the Formula with a 11m race sail starts planing at 7knots with pumping, while the freeride with a 8,5m freeirde sail at 8knots and the slalom with a 9,3m race sail at 9knots.

The overall result in the tester's opinion was that the freeride combination was the most fun in lightweight winds.

Any opinions? Do you think that a bigger slalom board (like Isonic 131 or 144) would do a better job? Seems that for an average weekend sailor the right lightwind equipment is a freeride set since it starts planing earlier and is not significantly slower than slalom in winds up to 14knots (+is cheaper and after 14knots you anyways change to smaller gear....)
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