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Hi Goose,
I would suggest that you carefull trim the foot pad just enough to clear the
K9 lock plate.
You could shim under the other side, but then your K9 lock would not function.
If you take a lightly place the K9 lock plate and insert the footstrap screw (be sure to
use some soap on the screw theads as a lubricant) it will center up on the
K9 insert in the board.
Take a marker and draw the outline of the K9 plate on the areas of the footpad
that are in the way.
Remove the FS screw and the K9 plate.
Then use an Exacto knife or razor knife to carefully trim the footpad material (do not
cut the surface of the board!) to the mark you made.
The foot pad material can be carefully trimmed and then pulled up where it in the
Now your K9 locks will be fully functional and the footpad should be fine as you normally
do not put your feet that close to the K9 lock plate.
Hope this helps,
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