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So you reckon the stock 30cm fin will be OK for a 7.0 at the extreme low end range of the Kode 103? I've been looking for a 34cm US Box and there is not much on the market but found that True Ames do larger US box fins.

What do you reckon is the next logical step down as a smaller fin to use for full power 5.6-5.0 blasting/bump'n'jump/onshore wavesailing? - 28cm or 25cm?

Also what sort of dedicated freestyle fin would bring out the best freestlyle perfromance from the K103?

The reason why I'm asking is that I'm thinking about getting the K103 to cover a big range sails and conditions in New Zealand:
7.0-6.5: Flat water in 12-18knots early planing and speed, harbour blasting and up/down winders, fun slalom racing: 40% of sailing sessions.
6.0-5.6: Powered up bump'n'jump, old school freestyle, very onshore wavesailing and looping: 45% of sailing sessions.
6.0-5.6: Light wind, cross-offshore 'float'n'ride' down the line riding in proper ground swells - Taranaki reef breaks: 5% of sailing sessions.
5.0: High wind bump'n'jump/looping in flat choppy water: 10% of sailing sessions.

I would partner the K103 with my Mistral 84L twinny and Nelson custom 74L twin and 120L Kona Mini Tanker.

So I'm wondering what fins would get the greatest performance and range out of the K103?...

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