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Default RE: Kombat, S-type or Carve as high wind board

Hi Norm,
You want this as a replacement for your Hypersonic, or as a 2nd board to cover the higher wind, rougher chop conditions where your Hyper becomes a handful?
If you want a "bump and jump" type board, then my suggestions would be the Kombat 97 and the S-Type 93.
If you still want to try to go fast, then the S-Type 93 and Isonic 94/101 would be good.
The Carve 101 is a real good all around board and could surprise you here.
Overall, I'd suggest the Kombat 97 and S-Type 94 as being the most appropriate for your requested conditions.
The S-Type is a bit faster, but jumps pretty well too.
The Kombat is more "slashy" jumps well, and is a dream to jibe.
Only you can ultimately make the choice here.
Hope this helps,
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