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I would give a lot of credit to this test.It was done by the Surf Magazine with German care and precision. They did it on Lake Garda with a wind meter according to the scheme:
- Start schlogging, wait until you are planing, stop, measure the wind, repeat the process N times.
- Do it with several boards, with and without pumping.

They admitted themselves that they would not have believed in the results prior to testing...

The freeride gear was a Fanatic Shark 145 liters in the lightest build, and I recall that the sail would have been a Severne Glide 8.5 (that is, not your regular freeride sail but comparable to about a 10 m2 freerace sail in planing power). The slalom was a Tabou with a Gaastra Vapor 9.3. For the formula test they used a Point-7 sail.
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