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Originally Posted by PrydeMan View Post
I have Futura 93 and 111 2009 models. I use Select SL9 and SL7 fins. For a 5.5m on the 93 I'm using a 33cm or a 31cm SL9. For a 6.5m I'm using a 35cm SL7, some times the 33cm if's falt and windy. I'm 80kgs.
For the 111 I use a SL7 39 for my 7.5m. Some times when its light I use a 41cm RS7.
Hi Prydeman,

Do you think using these slalom fins really boosted the board's performance? Out of the 31 and 33, which one do you prefer for the Futura 93? Thanks for your input.
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