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Another issue impacting planing that became exceptionally clear yesterday - I was out on my iS 111 and a Maui Sails TR-4 7.6 in light conditions. A friend was on his new (I think it was an '08 or '09) 130 liter freeride board (unnamed, not Starboard) with a 8.0 Retro and was having considerable trouble getting it to plane. I am sailing by at 25 knots and he couldn't plane even with pumping.

I couldn't believe he was having that much trouble since he was an experienced sailor so I took it out for a test ride. I had the same problem, it was a "dog" and I never got it to break loose and plane flat and fast on the surface. The nose was high and the tail low with too much drag. Mast track all the way forward.

Then after closer inspection to see what was happening, I assumed that it was the VERY soft rails running all the way to the tail. The board just couldn't break away and plane with a clean release of the water, it just wrapped around the rails, holding it down.

The board was wide, light, plenty of volume, but what a piece of crap. I went to the companies web site and from what I could tell, the new model of the board has much sharper rails.
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