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Hi Mark,

After reading what Remi said in this thread I'm not sure I'm going to change fin just yet:

Other than a little spinout, I've haven't really tested the Drake enough to already consider replacing it. It's just that as I can't sail my Futura for the next 3 weeks so I wanted to spend some money in order to get some sort of windsurfing fix I think instead I will put the money aside either for a NP Tempo 6.7, at which point I will need a bigger fin, or for a stiffer boom.

Thanks for the advice anyways.

PS. Have you ever repaired one of your wood iSonics? I've posted another thread about some slight damage my board has undergone and this thread remains unanswered If you have repaired one of your boards in the past could you check it out? Thanks again.

Adrien G
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