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Hi Mark

Ahem - been away from the computer for a while ;-)
That's great info for the fins - cheers

So i now have the drake 56 for the 144 and next really windy powered 9.4 day im gonna try a MFC RC 50 that i've acquired - it's a std tuttle so im needing some very very long bolts.
Withe the 111 Ive only really tested it with a 42 MFC SL which is was sweet with a 8.3 but illmainly use it with a 7.8 so will test a K66 40 and a drake 38 that are floating round here (methinks the drake will give just as much lift as the k66)

The is 76 is a great board for open water blasting - but - for me at 85 kilos i was sinking comingout the gybes at tenby for a bit so im looking to get an is 94. The reality is if its windy enough to freesail that 76 then ill be wavesailing and if it's gonna be windy enough at a slalom contest for it (reckon 5.2 and below) then ill actually get round the course faster on my kode. Meanwhile for "normal 7.0-6.0 " racing conditiosn the 94 will give me a fater course VMG.

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