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Originally Posted by agrelon View Post
Not exactly sure what I think of a company that advertises on public forums, maybe that they should practice some more legit marketing techniques.

Also, isn't Aerotech Sails already based in Hong Kong?

I'm not sure how your company is doing as a Sailmaker, but as a windsurfing sailmaker I'm not sure you'll get very far.... As there are already so many different windsurfing sailmakers in the market that you're more than likely to lose out due to a lack of brand recognition.

That's what I think.
Thank you for your suggestion ,our company has public the advertisement on google ,and some of you doublt if i should not advertise on this forum ,i should explain for this ,because i am just a new staff in this company ,and my boss said that you should find some customer on the internet ,so i post this thread .and now i know i am wrong .
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