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Originally Posted by PG View Post
All three are good sails and will fit your board.

I think it mostly is a question of masts (and price of course), and planning for a mast quiver for the future. NP wants flextop masts, Severne wants average to stifftop, and North goes with average bend curves.

The next decision is if you are to go for a RDM or SDM mast for this sail :-)

Do you already have a North 430 mast for your RAM? Then another North would of course be a safe pick.
Sadly I don't have a sailmaker specific mast yet, which is partly why I can choose between these 3 different sails. I use a 100% RDM Gulftech mast on my 5.8m and, having made some spacers, it rigs really nicely. For this reason, it might also work well with an X-Type. I think I would start out by getting a sail, and then a bit later get the specific mast, so obviously it needs to work on my mast in the mean time. All these sails, at least to my knowledge, are around the same price so that isn't so much a deciding factor.

I met the marketing manager from Neilpryde the other day here in Hong Kong and he told me the 2011 line was being announced (at least by neilpryde) on August 15th. If I'm going to pay full price, I might as well wait to see what they come up with for 2011 and if I don't like the 2011s I can get a 2010 discounted

I was also considering a 6.5m Helium from NP but this sail would definitely need the right mast right off the bat and I don't think my wallet goes that deep.... would've been nice to have a really early planing sail in the upper windrange of my board.
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