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Wonder how many other sailors have similar experience to Per ???

We take it for granted that dedicated slalom kit is faster and without doubt looking at fin and width of them compared to equivalent volume freeride they are bound to go up wind better but I`ve not seen any increase in my Vmax over past 4 years on 120 ish litre boards even though I now sail a dedicated slalom board. I`m sure my VMG is better but my Vmax certainly isn`t !!!

Suspect problem lies with comparing boards of equal volume ??? Perhaps a 120 (ish) litre freeride should be compared with a 100 litre slalom (equal width ???). I think it would be a different story but problem is I just dont feel confident enough (with the wind) to go off out on a 100 litre slalom knowing iof the wind drops I`m swimming .. For me I suspect the bigger (buit narrower) freeride gives better Vmax than the slalom board I`d have to sail (do sail)

Perhaps there`s a market for a salom type performance board but with a safety margin of volume built in. (Was it the S type ???)

As for my speed board; it got used twice last year !!! Sub 80 litres + offshore winds + no rescue ????? I`m sure it would be faster ?????
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