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Default Inboard footstraps = Easier to plane through jibes?

I was wondering whether putting the straps on the inboard positions on my Futura 93 would make it easier to plane through jibes?

Argument for: Having more of your weight over the centerline, making it easier to carve smoothly.

Argument against: Footstraps in this position won't generate as much topend speed so I'll have less speed going into the jibe.

Not really sure which setting would speed up my quest for the planing jibe...

So far I can keep the board planing until I flip the rig, at which point I round up and almost have to waterstart because I've rounded up so much. I think (confirmed by a pro on the beach and Matt Pritchard in his latest gybe tips) that I'm flipping too late. If I carry a lot of speed through the turn, will it be easier to plane out if I flip the sail at full down wind?

If you've had similar issues when learning to carve gybe your comments would be appreciated.

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