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hi Per

distance around 30 kms, time around 6 hours
I voluntarily chose a light wind day as it was the first time I did it
no planning then, but it was not particularly what I was looking for there
concerning sail size, I had 7.8, so far I prefer not to go beyond 8 meters,
for fear it would be too heavy, too difficult to take out of water, not stable enough and would reduce wind range
for long runs like this a very big sail would be a security issue, at my level at least

I will try to do it again in June, with the 2010 models of board and sail, and maybe a little bit more wind

I wanted to give an example of possibilities offered by this board, I could not have done this with my short boards

I did another video yesterday, to show the use of this board as a SUP and as a kayak, have a look at it, it is very interesting versatility and great fun too

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