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When it comes to slalom sailing there are two things you really need to do! Go fast on all points of sail and complete full planing gybes. If you can do 30 knots through chop and occasionally hit 35+ knots on flat water, you're fast! Now, consistently nailing your gybes is a huge challenge for every sailboarder except the world class super heros that we're all in awe of. Having one's straps on the outside gives one a little more leverage over the fin, which should translate into more speed in conditions where more speed is obtainable (flatter water). I can actually complete most of my gybes in flatter conditions if I gybe in the gusts rather than being seduced into just going for speed. For some reason the strap to strap or sail first gybe works for me (rather than the step gybe) and the trick is to push away with your front foot (which is still in the strap) after you flip the sail to keep the board off the wind (from rounding up) and on a good plane before switching your feet. What makes sailboarding such a great sport is that you can't become good in a few days - it takes years, at least for mere mortals.

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