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Originally Posted by plaining_exits View Post
Thanks for comments everybody. LK and kennatt, you sound like you have some experience on the subject? Actually, I found an older post, where kennatt said that "9 meter full cam race sail" worked "just about ok" for him on a similar board... maybe me being 15k lighter would help here? This is actually quite in line what LK said... Also, isn't the code red supposed to be a light sail, or is it just "light feel"?

Supposed the 9.0m2 sail is too big for the board: what does it mean/how does it feel? More difficult to uphaul? More difficult to sail?

I think one problem is that you increase the sail size, and therefore increase the fin size, but the width of the board remains the same. Ie. the width of the board might not give you sufficient leverage over the ideal fin for this sail size, and therefore the board might be tiring to sail/ keep under control.

Other than that, I'm not sure (and would also like to know) what the "symptoms" are of using too big a sail size for a certain board.
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