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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
lirende, a few tips and I am not being malicious or angry.

As roger has implied I believe you are in the wrong place, and you target market is not here...on this website
If your boss has told you to go on the net and advertise, I assume you have a role in marketing.
You need to educate yourself.

Start by 1. learn more about sails, and the very different sail craft they are put on. what you make to that market.

Roger is being very nice in his interpretation of your effort.

But what you have done here looks very shabby and quite honestly very unprofessional to the average windsurfer here

Example : spinnakers are not used on windsurfers AND this is a windsurfing website.

china is getting a very bad reputation for businesses trying to do the quick sale make shabby product ,
so many people also interpret your message with this in mind.

good luck !!
thanks for your suggestions ,and I am very grateful to agrelon,I am sure I will work harder ,and learn more about sail ,it is my honor to be here and to know you all!
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