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Default 6.5m or 7.0m V6/V8 for Futura 93l

Hi all,

I want to get a sail to max out the windrange of my Futura 93l. Currently I have a 5.8m for it, but the range of this sail is pretty huge thanks to the 4 cambers, which is why I've decided to opt for a cambered bigger sail.

According to Christine in the French Forum, the Futura 93l works really well with a 7.0m and a 34cm fin.

In France I've seen some really good discounts on 2009 NP sails, and I'm hesitating between a V6 6.5m or V6 7.0m or V8 7.0m.

A friend, who has the same 460 mast as me (a Tribord 460), has told me that his older V8 6.5m rigs quite well on this mast. I would use this mast if I got either sail in 7.0m. If I opt for the V6 6.5m I will have to rig it on my Gulftech 100% RDM, and I'm not sure how the sail will work with this mast (maybe the cams won't like the RDM....).

Any advice on which sail to choose? Anyone disagree that the board works well with a 7.0m (which is 0.5m2 over the recommended sail size)?

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