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Originally Posted by ChrisN View Post
Thanks a lot. Your comments are already putting things in perspective. Sounds that in the 7-15 knts range the best board would be the iSonic 150!

For my weight (~90kg), is the difference btw. iSonics 144L/85cm and 150l/93.5cm so large? Do the 8,5 cms in additional width and 6L volume help planning in the 5-10 knts?

What you also wrote about the sails makes sense. I would need a 11-12 m2 sail, yet even from 9.5 m2, I would need a new mast+boom!

Thanks so far!
Hi Chris,

I posted a thread a while back about early planing and the conclusion reached was that for planing in 6 knots and above, at your weight, you're going to need an 11m2 rig, with a formula/super wide board and 70cm fin. I reckon an iSonic 150 (definitely WC for lightwind planing) with maybe a Severne Overdrive 11m2 (I wouldn't go for a full on race sail as it will probably be too heavy and more expensive).

The good thing about this set up is you will get the earliest planing possible and the range should be perfect from 6 to 15 knots of wind.

The bad thing is that it's probably going to be quite expensive (new mast, boom, fin, board) BUT you will get as close to formula style early planing as possible without being on a full on formula board.

I'm just regurgitating what I've learnt in earlier threads so you definitely want to hear back from someone on the team.
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