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Dear Lirende
I was curious so I went to vistit your website, but I can only see a single page with no links to options, price lists, etc... Nothing about windsurf sails.
I've heard about some very cheap kiteboarding sails from China brands, and I've seen also some cheap windsurf sails sold on that I suppose coming from China, like a nocam 9,5 "Hawain Art" (not Hawaiian...). I don't know anything about quality.
I think you must accept that this is a free forum in our free world. So opinions even if strong are normal.
Also in Italy we had many problems about poor quality of China products, it seems that now China market is focused only on low prices no matter the quality; and in the past wasn't always so, let's think about famous chinese vases and porcelain, known as best quality products.
My friend from US tells me that success and money is the only religion of many chinese people he knows. Sure too much bad opinion, I think. But something even if not all it's true, products are not made only by prices and people working 12 hours for each day, but also from freedom of thinking, fantasy, culture in the background, see us in Italy. This seems the factors you have lost in China, pheraps because of loss of freedom.
Finally accept a joke from me, without being angry with me: would it be possible in the future to have from your chinese factory a windsurf sail with painted the image of the (glorious) tanker man in Tianammen?
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