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Just thought I should pickup on one thing you said:

"If WIDTH is more important than WEIGHT, then why did you launch a WC line at all?"

I think what you're missing to spot here is that weight is not the only variable when changing material. Woodcarbon is much stiffer than technora, so even if the weight of these materials were the same, the WC one would be more efficient and have a cleaner release meaning it would still plain earlier, work better through lulls, etc, despite the same weight.

I would always opt for a wood/WC board. After changing from my protec AHD - JP 106l (wood) and then my Futura 93l (wood) the difference in feeling of the board on the water/hitting chop is really significant.

Both the AHD and the JP were from the from the same year, and the JP was a nominal 1cm less wide but MAN did the JP plane up earlier! I'll always remember how surprised I was the first time I tried it, the thing just kept accelerating and got onto a plane super quick (and I ended up getting catapulted cause I never got my back foot in the strap before hitting topspeed...)

So yeah, conclusion: construction makes a huge difference for stiffness and not just weight (however, the difference between protec and wood is probably much more significant than between wood and WC).
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