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Originally Posted by ChrisN View Post
Abs. agree! Yet, as you recall in MarkH iS144<>150 comparison, he mentioned that the iS144's ideal wind for a 10m2 starts from 12 knots and above, while the iS150 ideal wind for the same sail starts from 9/10 knots.

If I can get the iS144 WC to start from 9/10 knots then the debate is over - for the same shape and sail, the WC will start planning a bit earlier.

Can't understand why the TEAM is not contributing here. They are stating that WC is "accelerating faster in light winds" both in their website and product/technology pages. Therefore,the iS144 WC should plan earlier than it's Wood cousin! Our question is how much (given same sailor, sail & conditions)?

Knowing that makes a heck of a difference!
Especially seeing the price tag of WC boards.... those suckers don't come cheap.
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