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PG, from what you are saying we would then have to pay 200/300$ extra for an iS144 WC (on top of the 1.660 / 2200$ for the iS144 Wood), to plan 0,5 knot earlier??

Both in the Forum and website, SB folks are filling us with a lot of marketing about the "premium" WC construction. For example, in a thread less than a Y ago, IAN FOX mentioned: "The Futuras (and iSonics) can definitely be made lighter in Wood+Carbon tech, which offers an advantage in earlier planing in lighter winds and on flatter water."

I would NOT mind paying the difference if someone from SB could tell us what were their test results? I just brought up the example of iS144 WC<>Wood with a 10m2 - same sailor + location - would it be planning 2-3 knots earlier then it does make a difference...
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