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Default RE: SB Hybrid Carve and Phantom VS. Kona Exocet

Hi Roger,

I'm kinda warey about dual purpose boards, hence me wanting a Kona but not willing to spend the money on one. For me when I sail in light winds, I want the best I can get. I have been eyeing up their Pacer X 380, but who knows if that'll come to fruition?

Although last year this time or whenever the Serenity came out I kinda thought, "not for me", I've very much warmed up to it!

But there are quite a few questions about it:

Talking to a friend who used to race Div 2 boards, he said going off the wind on one was very challenging. To make it easier you used to move the track and centerboard to certain positions. He had some reservations about the lack of track and centerboard on the Serenity and how this would affect this point of sail. (regardless he loves the board...probably will be signing up for one)

For me I'm curious about the storage compartment and how big it is. A board like that would be great for distance sailing, so being able to keep, phone, a few drinks and lunch would be great! Sure a backpack also works, but still it would be a nice feature if it is fairly big.

The other thought is, will the board remain one design? I don't necessarily look at it from a racing point of view, but more will the 08 be different through refinement? If it became one design then some of us who have interest would most likely buy sooner than later.

Anyway I'm sure you'll have loads of questions heading your way one they end up in the shops! For those of us without access to test centers, lots of pictures are the way to go!! B)

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