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Originally Posted by ChrisN View Post
PG, from what you are saying we would then have to pay 200/300$ extra for an iS144 WC (on top of the 1.660 / 2200$ for the iS144 Wood), to plan 0,5 knot earlier??

Both in the Forum and website, SB folks are filling us with a lot of marketing about the "premium" WC construction. For example, in a thread less than a Y ago, IAN FOX mentioned: "The Futuras (and iSonics) can definitely be made lighter in Wood+Carbon tech, which offers an advantage in earlier planing in lighter winds and on flatter water."

I would NOT mind paying the difference if someone from SB could tell us what were their test results? I just brought up the example of iS144 WC<>Wood with a 10m2 - same sailor + location - would it be planning 2-3 knots earlier then it does make a difference...

Hi Chris

I guess putting numbers/percentages is difficult to commit to as theres so many variables. Here's my take on WC vs Wood, and whom its for/not for. But bear in mind I could be way off

Who is WC NOT for:
Begginers, intermediate or regular sailors, there is probably no benefit in having WC over wood. The Wood version is only be slightly heavier and has a better range of use IE ability to absorb chop and soften ride, which 90% of the time will make regular sailors faster and potentially assist early planing. Early planing and top speed will not be increased for this group of riders by using CW models over Wood models.

Who is CW for:
Pro, expert riders looking to squeeze every bit of performance out of their kit. Serious racers will be after lots of 1% increases of performance out of their sail, fin, board etc. Added together, lots of 1% can make a huge difference around the race course. This group of riders want as much feedback from their equipment as possible, CW will relay this info back to the rider quicker than Wood (think how 100% carbon mast feels c/w 75% mast). This group of riders will be able to take advantage of the CW and they will get an improvement in early planing and top speed for sure.

I used to have 2005 carbon F2 slalom and speed board's, they felt very lively compaired to SB wood, but I personally did not travel faster with F2 carbon than I do on SB wood.

My first formula board was the old Free Formula 168 in Dynema. I changed this for the Wood version, this felt like it was faster, lighter, more fun and planed earlier. But in reality, the differences were very marginal.

If you'v got the spare cash, then go with CW as it will feel stiffer, lighter and give you more feedback. But unless your pro/expert level or weekend racing (and feel like you must have the best), your early planing and top speed will not increase. Plus, if the water state worsens, CW will not absorb the chop, making it physically harder to sail all day.

Definetly think that iS150 is the board for you, especially if you do not want Formula.
Cheers - Mark H

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