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Mark hit it on the head - good take on the WC or W issue.

My guess is that starboard may not want to address the WC vs W performance differences since it is pretty marginal for the majority of the consumers. My guess is that 80% of the windsurfers out there would find the wood model more comfortable to sail without sacrificing performance.

I have an '08 iS 111 (only the W version available in '08) and the ride can be pretty harsh in choppy water. If I wanted to update to the 2010 model, I would not choose the WC board because I would not want the ride to be any rougher than I am currently experiencing. For us mortals, comfort, control and a smooth ride means faster sailing.

However, there are a lot of sailors that want to have what the top sailors would choose, even if they have to give up some comfort and control, thus the WC model is available for the masses.

My comments are just that, and don't represent what Starboard may say or think about the issue. I love their products, but also know my limitations and what works best for me.
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