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Originally Posted by Farlo View Post
Well, your boom is rather low in the window but this is frequent with North Sails, made for big guys. I have a pretty similar position whatever the wind speed. It's difficult to see from a few pictures whether the mast bends properly of not (the last one looks strange actually). Anyway small differences in bend curves may hardly be noticeable but translate in significant overstress. If you want to keep your RAM F8, my advice would be to get the closest compatible mast you can find. 60 to 75% carbon should be OK in this size.
I think that last picture is taken as the mast is bouncing back, as the leech is floppy. Either way, for the moment I'm going to be using a 5.6m HSM Psyclone (5 batten super light freestyle sail) which is about 2-3kgs lighter than my RAM. I think it should work better with my fin, which felt small for my more powerful, and bigger, RAM. If I can clock good speeds on the GPS and my all round sailing improves (easier waterstarts, less tiring, easier jibes, easier jumps) a lot due to the lighter weight of the sail I might consider changing back to RAF sails... We'll see what happens.
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