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Very interesting option, thanks. Last year when I was in the (pheraphs only) hotel in Hanstolm-DK I met an Italian guy who was wayting to go with ferry to Iceland the day after. Seen some photos and it seems fascinating a lot; and I'm sure prices are really way chaper than Norway.
On the opposite side I've found that the cheaper option of ferry with simple couchette accomodation for two persons costs 1.300,00 euro (about 950 in June); not a little thing for my also busted incomes. And I know that two days of cruise in the North Sea can become a strong experience if sea conditions are rough, not for me that I've ever loved waves and wind (when I was I a boy the best amusement was going out with small motor boats and jumping over the waves..), but especially for my girl who is less mad than me.
But I can talk with my girl and see what she think about this.
I've seen that distances ar not impossible for crossing all Iceland, much better than in Norway. But: I don't know anything about the windsurf spots, even if something tells me that the south coast should be better for wind (pheraphs thinking at Australia) but Google maps keep on suggesting me the North Highway. I think that this coud be related to Eyjafjallajökull eruption and south roads destruction, isn't it?
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