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Default Mast TIP extensions?

Anyone used tip extensions? How they works?
My SW car doesn't accept masts longer than 460. I've seen on ebay and bought a FS 5000 (90%) 460/30. It was a special and reinforced mast made for the Gaastra with the upper mast extension like Gaastra Total Flow. I want to use it also with mi nocam 9,5 that requires 520 mast, luff 547, I've got a 57 carbon base extension and I'm also thinking at a 30 cm TIP extension (=547). This way I'm gonna preserve more the natural curve of the mast instead of adding another mast base extension and attachin the boom at about 40 cm from the mast base itself...
Consider that this mast was made to bear a tip extension in a fully loaded cambered race sail, instead of me that I want to use it in a nocam sail for the lightest winds. Fiberspar in their instructions booklets of the time used to write : "why not recommended you can use mast tip extensions..."
What do you think about?

P.s.: I live in Venice and park the car in a public parking outside Venice, so stuff must be left inside the car, not over the roof... No answer on another forum to the same question.

Nico from Venice
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