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Quad 76 Convertible arrived today!

As I posted before I had originally wanted an evo 75 to partner with my Kode 103.

I choose this board to be my be my high wind bump and jump board, but as I progress I hope to ride the mushy cross-onshore waves that are common on the south east of england, which is why I decided against a smaller kode.

I understand the dynamics of a single fin, which is how I intend to use the board to start with. i.e. big fin more lift, to counter bigger sail, and bigger tail etc. But the quad setup seems a litte confusing as the smaller quads with their smaller tails, and smaller sail sizes come with bigger fins!

I have ordered a 23cm drake for the board. I have 4.2,4.7 and 5.5 sails for this and I weight 72Kg.

So I have a couple of questions.

With the standard quad fins what range would they cover? and how should I set them?
If I want to use it as thruster how would I set it up, could I use the fins I already have?
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