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The standard quad setup will cover the whole sail range of the board - and maybe more! With a bigger number of smaller fins, the dynamics of fin sizing changes. You really never get "fin overpowered" like with a single fin. But what may happen is that you get too much drive and grip in your turns. Then smaller fins will help, but for mush cross on, I think the standard fin set will cover everything you want. Maybe the 15+12 kit may feel a bit sketchy in underpowered 5.5, at least until you get your speed up. Then a set of 16+12 would help, but unless you want to ride quality waves, it might be even better to try to fins a super small single fin (20 or smaller) and use that together with the 15cm front fins. That will give you extremely good get up and go capabilities and also super good upwind even with big sails. But the 23 drake + the original quad set will get you a LONG way so my advice is to try the board in both single fin and quad mode first and then see what you think.
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