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I love your freedom of mind. About the sail is an Hot Sails Maui Stealth 9,5 from 2003, not used so may times just because of the carryng problems of a 520 mast in my car. Luff 547
How did you make this extension? I mean, is it external or fits like the Nautix one inside the tip of the mast?
I've searched but not found the Severne top extension, if someone can write here the link for the product will make me happy. BUt the idea of making it by myself without spending money (Challenger had a listprice of 86 euro=113 Usd, the same price I paid for the whole FS mast...)
Internal like the Nautix seems to have better fit, doesn't scratch the external surface of mast tip, and smoother surface for sail sleeve, but I would have to pull away mast cap every time I use the extension. On the opposite the external one seems more user friendly but with worster flex and pheraphs problems in rotating the sail and/or shape. Pheraphs less problems making and external one with an alloy linking tube...
Thanks for your suggestions
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