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Default Longboards vs. sailboats in light winds

I believed my longboard (Mistral Equipe+10.3 sail) to be definitely faster than a sailboat in all winds.

Reality seems to be, that unless it's really railriding = in winds where formula could take over it's actually having a hard time against normal sail boats of 8 to 12 metres of length.

Is it me??

How do the new longboards like Phantom 380/320 perform in really light stuff against sailboats?

The sailboats seem to have 10 degrees of better pointing and some 20% more speed in non planing conditions due to their longer waterline and taller rigs.

In about 15+ knots of wind the longboard will take over as a higher speed gives the advantage even though pointing up/down is less efficient.

Any experience is appreciated.
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