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The linking tube must be carbon... otherwise could make it too soft; I used a piece of an old carbon boom extension (the back of it)... then just sand it till it fit in one side the mast, and the other side to fit the tip extension (in my case I used a piece of a fiberspar mast, while my original mast was severne blueline, so different diameters); Then everytime I use it, I tape it to make sure it won´t slip while rigging;
I am not the only one who uses this sort of tip around here, after the first guy tried, a lot of people have been using home made tip extensions with success; Another tipo is pay attention on the IMCS of the mast that you are using as extension, as it will affect the shape of your sail...
I hope this helps, and goog luck... At Sean Obrien even teach how to build a base extension by yourself...
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