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Originally Posted by PG View Post
I think that the Kode 86 would make a lot of sense
- It is 20 liters smaller than you K105, a nice difference
- It can take a 5.5 well and slightly bigger comfortably (remember that smaller persons can use bigger sails on a given board!)
- It will not sink you as brutally as a 80 liter or smaller board. In the real world this means that you will get more surfing days on a much smaller board = Fun!
- You should be able to use your 5.6 for both K105 and K86, and switch during the day.
- When it is blowing 4.0 for a 90 kg guy there is quite a lot of wind... Quite a lot more (like >10 additional knots) than you can manage on your current gear.
Yeah, definitely 4.0m days at for you will be rare.. unless you sail during typhoons. At my weight I've yet to sail in a day where smaller than my 4.7m would be necessary, baring in mind I don't ride waves.
JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
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